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File Requirements

File Types Accepted

AI, PDF, PSD, PSB files (up to version CS5)
CDR files (up to version x5)
CDL files (up to version 7)

File Setup Requirements

All fonts must be converted to outlines/curves.
All linked images must be embedded or included in artwork files
All files should be exported as CMYK
Resolution quality is the responsibility of the sender. Not all graphics to be displayed require the same resolution. i.e. billboards on the side of a freeway commonly are printed at resolutions as low as 15 dpi, whereas printed graphics that would be viewed at eye level or POP commonly are printed at 600 dpi or greater. Make sure that the resolution is "appropriate" for your graphics and please refrain from sending files that are "overkill". Files that we receive that are obviously "overkill" may be returned and a new file be requested.

Artwork Design Considerations

All critical design elements (this includes text, pictures, etc.) should be at least 1.5" from the finished edge of designs intended for banners. This will prevent the stitching of the hem from going through these elements.
Artwork to be printed on non-banner materials (this includes vinyl, poster, etc.) should designed without crop marks or bleeds. Please do not use the artboard/page as your sign blank. Instead, your artwork should have a single hairline box signifying the finished edge. If you require a bleed, please size your hairline box to include one.
When possible, create your artwork using vector art. Unlike raster graphics, vector graphics will not suffer resolution loss due to scaling and will also keep your file size low.
All contour job files should include a cut path on a separate group/layer from the artwork.
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